Our cats

Elfentanz Ulrika

Elfentanz Ulrika

Ulrika is our first breeding female and she is the mother of Amora.
Ulrika is Tortie Tabby 67 20e GCCF registered.
DOB 1st June 2003.
Sadly she passed away in 2017.


Grand Champion Elfentanz Angelina

Gr Ch Elfentanz Angelina

Angie is our second breeding female from Elftentaz.
Angie is Silver Tabby & White 67 31ts and she is registered with the GCCF.
DOB 21st April 2004.
She went over the rainbow bridge in 2016.


Adfurlo Amora Hekja

Adfurlo Amora Hekja

Amora is our own girl from Ulrika's first litter.
Amora is Brown Tabby & White 67 31t and GCCF Registered.
DOB 27th August 2004


Natt av Kokkeplassen (Norwegian Import)

Natt av Kokkeplassen

Natt is our first Stud from av Kokkeplassen Cattery in Norway.
Natt is a Black, NFO n.
He is both fife and GCCF registered.
DOB 13th May 2004.


Dunderkattens Yngve (Finnish Import)

Dunderkattens Yngve

Yngve is our Stud from Dunderkattens Cattery in Finland.
Yngve is Blue-Eyed White, BAER Tested.
He is both fife and GCCF registered.